How To Properly Treat and Prevent Hyper Pigmentation

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  • September 18, 2019
  • Written by Admin Wendy

I love my skin, we get on well. We hang out every single day, so tight is our bond.

The hyperpigmentation that is perched on it, however, NO. We are not friends. We are enemies, and it is my chief focus in terms of corrective skin care. I wish it a grisly death many times over.

Hyperpigmentation, also known as sun spots, age spots, dark spots, brown marks and ‘the mask of pregnancy’, is so common among Singaporean women that my statistic calculator broke when I asked it for some numbers.

We all have it, and while all skin tones suffer from pigmentation, Singapore and Asian skin tones are particularly prone. Especially when we have a lot of sun exposure.


Just ask any doll who’s spent a week on a beachy holiday only to return with brown smatterings across their nose, upper cheeks, upper lip and forehead and they will tell you just how easy.

This is because hyperpigmentation is (most often) caused by UV exposure. Yes, UV stimulates the pigment cells (melanocytes) in our epidermis to start making melanin. This is what causes suntans but also hyperpigmentation. Another terrific reason to not to hang out in the sun.

Sadly, most of the hyperpigmentation you’ve got now, you actually probably actually earned 20 years ago. (It takes an average of 10 years for sun damage to translate into brown spots.)

It’s just being encouraged and worsened by current UV exposure.



Other causes:

Heat: Environmental heat can trigger your hyperpigmentation.

This is so incredibly shit because even if you are FBI vigilant about your skin care and physical sun protection and hat and sunnies, you can still cop discolouration, because thermal heat encourages those naughty melanocytes to produce melanin.

Hormones: Hormonal hyperpigmentation looks the same as UV hyperpigmentation, but has a bitchier attitude and eats more Tim Tams. It’s generally caused by the pill or pregnancy and is further exacerbated by that big hot witch in the sky.

Injury: Know how when you pick at a pimple, you get that red-browny scar that won’t piss off, no matter how much Vitamin E oil you use on it? That’s because it’s not a scar, it’s post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which comes about after trauma or injury to the skin. It can also happen after needles, injections, burns or any kind of inflammation.


Why Should I Care So Much About My Pigmentation?

Because, to be blunt, it’s making you look older than you actually are. You see, hyperpigmentation creates uneven skin tone, which I believe is far more ageing than lines and wrinkles.

I’m not alone in my thinking of this. In the last five years or so, you would have seen a whole bunch of new products pop up that are skin discolouration targeted. They have names like ‘Dark Spot Corrector’ or ‘whitening’ or ‘brightening’ and work to fade that excess melanin to the point where your skin is brighter and in the case of Asian skin.

They are not bleaching products.

Most of the time they simply exfoliate the skin to remove the layer of skin cells with the brown spots and therefore give an overall more luminous complexion, and/or they incorporate ingredients and technology to specifically target the site of the melanin production, and put up some stop signs.



If you have hyperpigmentation, you should be using these products.

Environ’s Focus Care Radiance+ Range contains various combination of scientifically research ingredients; a potent blend of vitamins and botanicals that assist in targeting the root causes of skin discolouration, pigmentation and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and visible sun damage.

By combining the revolutionary Mila-Smart System with your daily vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM routine, your skin could look even more evenly radiant and healthy.

The DF II machine uses specific Environ ingredients such as vitamin A, C and growth factors to give enhanced results. It helps with the penetration of the active vitamins and essential growth factors into the skin and provides fast, effective results.

The treatments are totally painless, relaxing, comfortable but extremely effective. The twenty minutes pulsed Iontophoresis is equal to seven hours massage and five minutes of low frequency Sonophoresis is equal to 700 hours massage.

We had helped hundreds of aging skin customers, resulting in rejuvenated looking skin with brighter and more even skin tone.

SharpLight developed two technological advancement for treatment of pigmented lesions – Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) and Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin chromophores present in the lesion.

The energy causes the chromophores to breakdown, and the body’s natural mechanism clear way the pigmentation. As a result, the skin surface becomes clearer and blemishfree.

It is very effective for sun spots, pigmentation freckles and uneven skin tone. Results can be seen as fast as the first treatment or between 6 – 10 sessions. It is non-evasive, and leaving you little or no down time at all.

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