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In 2004, UNV Aesthetics was born. The first store started in Jurong East Central with only 200 sqft tiny space. In 2005, we decided to purchase over the entire shop over 1,000 sqft. In 2014, we had our 2nd outlet at Tanjong Pagar. Today, with more than 15 years of experiences, we served more than 1,000+ customers from various walks of life.

We are thankful for the long lasting group of customers, and they continuously referred their family members and friends to us. We love to reward and express our gratitude to our loyal customers, and since 2012, we are most probably the first and only beauty salon in Singapore that organised Annual Dinner for all our customers.


Wendy Weng

I am Wendy Weng. I have been dealing with skin care and cosmetic products for many years. I set up my own UNV Aesthetics salon in 2005 as I felt there was a need to provide better advice for those with common yet difficult to deal skin problems and want to remain youthful with radiant skin. Knowledge and advice passed on to these people were superficial as the main concern was product sale targets. In addition, due to the nature of over-the-counter conditions, most of the skin care products contain preservatives to allow for a longer shelf-life.

I own my confidence mainly from South Africa skin specialist and surgeon, Dr Des Fernandes. Dr Des’ Environ® medical treatment and skin care products are both revolutionary and innovative, especially with his DF Machine® and high Vitamin A regime. (And I like Environ® skin care products as they do not pass through X-ray scan during the course of export/import shipment.)


Dr Des Fernandes

Dr Des’s new range of face creams are said to be more intense than the original formula to fight anti-ageing, and also skin problems such as couperose, rosacea and scarring. Peptides – active protein molecules that tell cells how to react and what to do – have been added to the combination of vitamin A, C and E, resveratrol and beta carotene. He has also developed an anti-ageing machine that uses iontophoresis (an electric charge) and sonophoresis (low-frequency ultrasound waves) to increase vitamin penetration, and the medical skin-needling tool to reduce scarring, lines and wrinkles.

He has performed his needling technique on over 2,000 people, himself included. “Needling is good for every single type of skin,” he says. “We treat patients once a week for six weeks, and you get better for up to a year. We’ve set up a factory under the skin to make more collagen and elastin. It is the first treatment in the world to do that.”

UNV Aesthetics supports individuals aged 20-45 in addressing acne scars, bumpy skin, and sensitive skin with advanced technology developed by Dr. Des, a highly respected South African doctor. Our approach prioritizes long-term results, distinguishing us from other spas that often rely on short-term solutions and non-medical-grade products.

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