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Singapore Sun UV Exposure Causes Pigmentation

As you might guess, pigmentation is caused by sun exposure, which penetrate deep into your skin and causing ageing. The sun UVA stimulates your pigment cells called Melanocytes to develop the pigment called Melanin. It may take up to 10 - 20 years to develop.

Most ladies are very troubled by this unwanted dark patches, and it might even cause you to develop low self esteem. Many had tried lasers, or even creams that contain steroids that can caused further harm to your delicate skin.

For more than 15 years, we helped hundred of women like yourself to revitalise their pigmentation skin. Not only they look 5 - 10 years younger their age, they regained their confidence & received compliments from their love ones.




Environ’s Focus Care Radiance+ Range contains various combination of scientifically research ingredients; a potent blend of vitamins and botanicals that assist in targeting the root causes of skin discolouration, pigmentation and helps to improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and visible sun damage.

By combining the revolutionary Mila-Smart System with your daily vitamin STEP-UP SYSTEM routine, your skin could look even more evenly radiant and healthy.



Revitalise Your Skin

If you discover pigmentation on your facial skin, it might take up to 10 - 20 years to develop on your visible skin layer. Combining the advanced Focus Care Radiance+ Range and our advance machine; you might effectively see results in about 6 - 12 sessions of treatment. All our treatments are non-evasive, leaving you very little or almost no down time at all, allowing your skin to glow once again.

Environ DF II Treatment


Environ DF II Treatment

The DF II machine uses specific Environ ingredients such as vitamin A, C and growth factors to give enhanced results. It helps with the penetration of the active vitamins and essential growth factors into the skin and provides fast, effective results.

The treatments are totally painless, relaxing, comfortable but extremely effective. The twenty minutes pulsed Iontophoresis is equal to seven hours massage and five minutes of low frequency Sonophoresis is equal to 700 hours massage.

We had helped hundreds of aging skin customers, resulting in rejuvenated looking skin with brighter and more even skin tone.

SharpLight Treatmentt


SharpLight Treatment

SharpLight developed two technological advancement for treatment of pigmented lesions - Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) and Q-Switched Nd: YAG laser. The light energy is absorbed by the melanin chromophores present in the lesion.

The energy causes the chromophores to breakdown, and the body’s natural mechanism clear way the pigmentation. As a result, the skin surface becomes clearer and blemishfree.

It is very effective for sun spots, pigmentation freckles and uneven skin tone. Results can be seen as fast as the first treatment or between 6 - 10 sessions. It is non-evasive, and leaving you little or no down time at all.

Feel Confidence & Enjoy Glowing Skin With 15 Years of Experience


It all starts with a single decision

Many of our loyal customers that stayed with us for years started with lots of bad experiences & skepticism from our competitors. Read their story and give us an opportunity to serve you.




Ms Fiona was in her early 40s, and was referred by her sister. Fiona’s sister was very happy with her results and services. Desperate with her conditions, and wanting to look beautiful once again when she was young.

Fiona tried anything she can get hold on to; from IPL doctors, aesthetic doctors and other beauty salons to treat her pigmentation problems. IPL sessions got some good results initially as they give instant boost and peeling of the skin; however, after a few months the skin seems to get worst.

Nothing seems to help; instead the face became more sensitive, and got worst than original condition after IPL.

When we first met her for the trial, she was complaining all her bad experiences she had. Having spending more than ten of thousand in her previous experiences, she only took up a very small package of 6 sessions.

After her short 6 sessions, Fiona seen significant improvements, and having the confidence, she invested another 10 sessions with us to see amazing results in her skin condition.

Her happiest moments was having the husband complimenting how great she looks. She was really excited, and thankful she got back her confidence. She referred her youngest sister to our center. Now, all 3 sisters are our happy and loyal customers.

Ms Fiona, early 40s

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